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the_armada's Journal

Big Spaceship Gang!
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"...you mean... the 'ARMADA'!?"

This is the community journal of the Big Spaceship Gang! We use it to coordinate our social activities and share information. If you don't know what the Big Spaceship Gang! is, this journal may not be very useful or interesting to you.
barbecues, chillin' wit da peeps, club mercury, clubbing, concerts, dancing, diabetes, drinking, driving, driving like bjorn, edmonds, eels, events, friends, gasworks park, gloomhoochies, goths, invader zim, lake forest park, meat of evil, movies, not drinking, obeying the fist, poly, pork, probing day, riff's pants, seattle, shoreline, shows, the almighty tallest, the politics of dancing, the purple bathroom, the vogue, unpacking the kitchen, woodland park zoo