Kesper North (kespernorth) wrote in the_armada,
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a modest proposal

I detect a lack of community spirit!

It is warm and toasty outside.

That means it is time for warm, toasty snacks.

That's right, folks. We've talked about it. We've hinted. We've hemmed and hawwed. We've screamed it at the top of our lungs in public places and frightened small children.

I propose...

...This June...

... MEAT of EVIL!

A picnic for the ages. Bring friends, bring enemies, dotty old relatives, brain-sucking sheep from Zardex IV, bring tofu, bring it live on the hoof, bring a tentacle ripped from the very crepuscular body of Great Cthulhu himself.

Eat the dead. You know you want to.

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