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Circus Contraption!

Hey, Big Spaceship Gang! Let's go to the circus! ^.^

There are only six shows left, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday @ 8 pm (though arriving no later than 7:30 is recommended for best seats), this weekend and the next. Tickets are $15, and you can order them online.

What say thee? It's an awesome show~~ You know you want to go~~ But you have to make up your minds pretty soon, as tickets are going pretty quick. ^.^

To entice you, this quote from the website:
Circus Contraption announces the imminent arrival of its Grand American Traveling Dime Museum! For a modest admission you will be privy to a vast Collection of Exhibits guaranteed to Educate and Entertain. Featuring Miracles of Man and of Nature, Curiosities of the Past and Marvels of the Modern Age. A veritable Confectionery of exquisite Novelties awaits the genteel Visitor:
- A captivating Carousel of fanciful Fauna Formations!
- Audaciously effervescent (and smartly dressed) Dancing Girls!
- Animated Manikins of undisciplined and disorderly demeanor!
- Masterly displays of extraordinary Aerialism!
- Equilibrism executed with startling accuracy of judgment!
- And as always, outlandishly original Musical Arrangements of the First Quality, performed by the unparalleled Circus Contraption Orchestra!

Again, the remaining dates are June 18-20 and 25-27.
*note* Fri & Sat shows are 21+, (I expect because there may be beer involved.) but Sunday shows are all-ages.
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