Kesper North (kespernorth) wrote in the_armada,
Kesper North

Underworld Movie -- IMPORTANT

IMPORTANT: If you're going to go see "Underworld" at the private screening, please either post here so I can RSVP for you -- or RSVP for yourself over at the SeaGoth board. They need a count of how many people will be going so they can switch their reservation to the larger theater if need be.

I've already RSVP'd for myself, Dan, Kate, Martin, Heather, Six, Riff and Tree.

(Dan, Kate, this means you don't need to worry about not being able to post, since I posted for you. Were you unable to register for an EZboards account or something?)
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I've already RSVP'd for myself, Dan, Kate, Martin, Heather, Six, Riff and Tree.

Thanks, Bjorn!! =)
Yes! *bounce bounce*
I may go- how much are the tickets?
I'm not awake enough to find the post on sea-goth. consider me RSVPd
Well since I don't know your board name Bjorn, I have no idea if you RSVPed me or not. so, since I'm awake enough now, I RSVPd myself....
If you meant Heather-*ME*, I have to back out of it. Can't afford it this weekend. Parents are in town and we're all heading to the (expensive) fair on Saturday. This doesn't mean, though, that Dan and I won't be coming to the Birthday-Dan's dinner at Nara.... so count us in on reservations for that, k?

Dan and I will be at both functions. Please consider this our RSVP.

Do I still need to get on SeaGoth to RSVP? anyone?
I don't seem to have your cell # and I deleted the text message that had that other number in it.

No, you don't need to get on Seagoth.

Why does getting on Seagoth seem to be such a big problem for people? I never use the board and actively avoid it, but I overcame my loathing just this once...
I actively avoid it as well, but in THIS scenario, I was just trying to avoid duplication of my RSVP efforts.....

See you tomorrow.

I'll text you my cell phone number again.